How Bad Is Nicotine On The Body

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Let’s talk about a subject that gets a lot of people going and a lot of people angry. That subject would be nicotine. If you have an addiction to it or have ever known someone addicted to it, then you know just how bad people are about it. People who go without their daily addiction can become violent, aggressive and can start to take it out on everyone around them. However, there’s one subject that a lot of people don’t like to cover when it comes to nicotine and that’s how bad is nicotine on the body?

We know exactly how bad nicotine is psychologically and on the mind. We know how bad it damages people and what it does to a person’s psyche. What we don’t know for 100% is exactly what it does to a body because science has never examined a person that solely lived on nicotine. Sure, we can attribute a lot of disease and things to nicotine causing something but we don’t know the effects solely from just nicotine intake.

Why is nicotine even addicting in the first place? Nicotine has some mind altering substances that make it far more addicting than it should be and it was designed this way to sell. If it hadn’t had chemicals added in to make it addicting, no one would ever use it. I mean honestly, who would willingly give themselves blacked lungs or a bad liver? It’s that addicting taste and psychological factor that gets you hooked and keeps you buying them. So there’s heart disease, cancer and all the other things the poison can do to you. Is there no benefit at all?

Well, to start off… there are benefits but not in the way you’re thinking. No, nicotine isn’t exactly bad for you. It’s the things that companies put beside the nicotine that keep people dying and keep fueling the industries to help treat the symptoms that it gives you. Did you know that nicotine is even used as treatment for some medical problems in hospitals? That’s right, nicotine can actually save a life in some situations. Let’s start off by saying that nicotine is not toxic.

Nicotine also doesn’t really have a lot of negative effects on the body by itself. Also, believe it or not, nicotine is not actually addicted. Public health experts spend so much of their career just turning nicotine into this terrible demon blaming it for the world’s problems but they negate everything that is paired up with the nicotine. Nicotine by itself probably wouldn’t ever even be used. So while we have been studying the effects of nicotine on the body for so long, we’ve been looking at the wrong thing.

It’s not really the nicotine’s fault that the other chemicals inside of those dangerous products have been used by so many people and what they’ve caused. We have to take a step back and examine that for a minute if we ever truly want to get an idea of just how bad nicotine is or how good it can be.