Get Started Vaping With Vape Pens

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E-hookah pens, vape pens, e-cigarette pens or hookah sticks? They go by different names, but they are one and the same. vape pens are slick, portable, battery-operated devices that deliver flavorful vapor without tobacco that is the major cause of most lung cancers.

How electronic cigarettes vape pens work and get familiar with the different parts of e-cigarettes:

Vape Pens Batteries

An vape pen comprises of a battery, atomizer, and a flavor cartridge. The battery is the driving force of any vape pens. It is held within the body of the electronic hookah unit. The battery is what powers the atomizer that in turn heats the e-juice contained in the cartridge and provides hundreds or thousands of puffs from different vaporizers. Some batteries also come with built-in indicators so users can know when they need to recharge the battery.


The atomizer is another important element of an e-cig. The atomizer is the heating element that heats up the e-liquid and produce the perfect balance of great flavor and taste. In other words, it is atomizer that converts e-liquid flavor or e-juice into a flavorful vapor that it inhaled by the user.

tank catrigageTank Cartridges

It is tank cartridges that hold the vapor flavor or e-juice. The tank cartridges can hold up to approximately 1.2ml of e-liquid. Users can refill the tank cartridge with their favorite e-juice, and attach it to the atomizer. The tank cartridge makes refilling much easier for vapers.


Clearomizers have an edge above cartomizers because they are transparent. That means you can see how much e-juice is left in your tank and refill when needed. What makes cartomizers really outstanding device is that they combine both the tank cartridge and atomizer into one unit.

Clearomizers come in a variety of tank sizes. While some can hold about 1.5 ml of e-juice, others have the capacity to hold about 3 ml or more vape flavor. If you opt for a large tank volume, you get to store more e-juice in your electronic cigarette pen and vape for longer without having to refill your tank any time sooner.

Clearomizers provide better and greater amount of vapor than tank cartridges and atomizers. There are different kinds of cartomizers. While the top coil cartomizers deliver warm vapor and are the easiest to refill; bottom coil cartomizers offer excellent vapor quality. However, they are harder to fill as compared to top coil variety because their heating coil is placed at the bottom of the cartomizer. And the cartomizers with multiple coils creates cooler vapor and strong throat hit.


E-liquid, also known as e-juice and vapor flavor, is a natural condensed flavored liquid used in electronic vape pens. E-juice is the solution that you fill into electronic cigarettes pens, and it generates vapor and desired flavor. Vapor flavors comprise of 100% PG (Propylene Glycol), vegetable glycerin, flavor, and nicotine. E-juices have different concentrations of nicotine for the users convenience.